campgrounds the endorus expedition game

Build 3 chalets with 3 stars.
Resources: 5,000, 900 Supplies, 5 Workers.
Create 2,800 supplies, then salvage the neobux hack no survey factory.
The large debris are great sources of supplies.Upgrade the factory again.Create seeds as needed to trade with the trader.Build gardens on each of the tents.Start growing seeds continuously.Use the remaining worker to continuously grow seeds.Tasks: 4 Villas, 2 Chalets with 3 stars, 1 Cabin with 3 stars, All Houses with Gardens.

Resources: 4,000, 800 Supplies, 8 Workers.
Upgrade the trailers to have 3 stars.
Upgrade the factory to 3 stars.
Once all the trailers are upgraded salvage the factory.Build the shrubs, ponds and fruit trees.Tips: Remember to make use of the shamans potions for fast workers.Tasks: 7 Villas with 3 stars.As soon as the worker has completed supplies send another worker to create more.Resources: 2,000, 300 Seeds, 1 Worker.Salvage the trailer with 2 stars and build a cabin.Replace the factory with a villa with 3 stars.Keep hiring workers and sending them to the mines until both mines are full.