c source code for games

Zip 23-Feb-1994 The Terror of Mecha Godzilla - The True Story!
Also included are Fortran-77 versions of the source code, converted to Fortran-77 by Matthew Russotto.
Gz 21-Apr-2003 fortran source code of Dungeon, the more or less public domain version of the original MIT Zork, version.5A, 30-Aug-90.
Supnik to upgrade Dungeon version.2A to version.2B.
Gz 19-Mar-2003 The original source code for the 550 points version of Colossal Cave by David Platt, written for the Honeywell CP-6.Advos2s.zip 29-Apr-1994 OS/2.x source code of Colossal Cave, by John.All the programs are organised into different categories.I spend my time, so please pay a little bit of your time to keep world in equilibrium.(an Atari ST executable is in games/atari-ST/c, and an MS-DOS executable is in games/pc/tess.This is not a complete list so you can suggest me any links which you think is missing and I will welcome your suggestions to further enhance this list.Chimaera is inspired by Colossal Cave, but differs in that the game and text are generated algorithmically, so that no two games are the same.(a Windows executable is in World_Adventure.

File is linked to games/pc/adv350win.
Tar.gz 16-Feb-1994 a Unix C version (?) of the source code in advtc2.zip advsrc.
The game can be found at addictinggames or a quick Google search should reveal.
Z file is linked to games/pc/dungn32b.zip haunt.
H, length 0) is created by running advent0.EXE on the text files.Ml A list of websites and files of interest to C users.An implementation usb disk storage format tool 5.0 of a simple maze in the style of Colossal Cave, written by Jason Orendorff.Ml Free C/C Sources for Numerical Computation, ml C/C utilities m Free Libraries and Source Code for C and others useful tools related.Archive includes Fortran-77 source code created from the original source by Mike Arnautov, Jack Pike, Volker Blasius and Dave Picton.Riggle and ported to MS-DOS by Brian Douglas Smith.Tar.Z 19-Oct-1998 the ultimate meal planner Dungeon, the more or less public domain version of the original MIT Zork, version.2B.C scripts and programs.Tch 04-Nov-1994 Source code patch by Robert.