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Duplicate Individuals List, unlinked Individuals List, relationship Report.
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Easily identify individuals and family lines.New Features, exciting new features to help you easily research your ancestors and share your family story.The new JVM Browser can be viewed in two different modes; as a flat list, and as a tree.You may also add your own events.The research timeline helps you uncover clues that will assist you in researching your family history by uncovering events in an ancestors lifetime.You can create your own set of Tags and assign up to three Tags to the various individuals in your database.The tags display on various screens and reports in Family Tree Heritage.

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Limitations, jMC does not include or run with a security manager, so a user must ensure to run the JMC client in a secure environment.
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The Timeline view is interactive: click on names, dates, and places to see how it responds.Search billions of records with 1-click from the software.Find records and important documents for your ancestors with one click for seamless searches to the worlds largest genealogy database.Notifications in the notifications tab can now be expanded to more than one.This four color filing system has gained popularity among genealogists over the past few years.Equinox.p2.director -r -i oup.