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If you're in a friend's game and your xbox game emulator for pc friend throws an kino watson game recognize game Eye of Ender, the animation now looks like it should.
Clocks continue to work when dropped now.
Sliders now behave properly on Android iOS devices when using a controller.
Beta changelog New Features The END End Cities End Ships Ender Pearls Eye of Ender Ender Chest Jean?Endermen no longer have status effects applied from tipped arrows (because they teleported away before they were hit).Framed maps' green indicators uncharted 3 game of the year edition ps3 no longer disappear from a held map after you teleport to another dimension.The store downloading layout now displays correctly (mcpe only).Rules (The end of the post).Here is list games request in the past 3 days.

Tweaked the time it takes to catch something with a fishing rod so it doesn't take longer than other versions.
Ender dragon audio is no longer present in the Overworld when a player is in The End.
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Lava and water should again go where you point to place them.
Fixed the Ender dragon's perch-mode fire break attack's radius.Achievement screen will now populate with a single list of achievements if suspending/resuming your game.UI performance no longer gets worse the longer you use the UI when deleting items.You now need to stop riding a pig or a minecart in order to use an End Portal to travel to The End.When an Enderman is being hit, its head color is consistent - the bottom part no longer turns completely red.Moved position of chat messages so they don't cover life points, armor, etc.