backup master key sql 2008

Unlike the Service Master Key which is generated automatically, a Database Master Key must be created with playful kiss episode 6 with english subtitles DDL: use database go create master key encryption by password ' password '.
The backup itself should be stored in a secure off-site location.
The Service Master Key is backed up with the master database, but can be backed up and restored independently: backup service master key to file N' filepath and filename ' encryption by password ' password ' go restore service master key from file N' filepath.Export the database master key.Drop master KEY (Transact-SQL encryption Hierarchy).However, it is a best practice to have a separate backup of the / backup master KEY br / TO file 'T:BackupDMK_k' br / encryption BY password br / Note that the word "database" is omitted from this statement to prevent confusion with the backup database statement.

And yes, for the record: corruption of the keys is rare, and they will be verified by the same mechanisms as any other data in the database (i.e., checkdb).
Theres a lot of things to consider when migrating databases between SQL Server instances.
This should, as always when dealing with encryption keys, be a strong and unique passphrase.
Password ' password is the password used to encrypt the master key in the file.
I primarily use them when I'm moving or copying a database to a new instance eve no jikan episode 1 of SQL Server.Migrating Databases: If a database makes use of a Database Master Key, and that key is encrypted by the Service Master Key, then this encryption will need to be regenerated on the destination instance after any migration.Syntax: backup master KEY TO file ' path_to_file ' encryption BY password ' password specify the complete UNC or local path, including file name, for the file to which the master key will be exported.You can use the backup master KEY statement to create those backups.If password complexity is enforced, the password must be 8 chars and contain upper/lower case and numeric/ Non-alphanumeric characters.By default the Database Master Key is also encrypted by the Service Master Key, this can be switched off if needed.And remember to also safe that passphrase, as without it you cannot restore the key.(Remember that multiple passwords can encrypt the DMK) use database go alter master key add encryption by password 'migration_password' go, drop the encryption by the Service Master Key: use database go alter master key drop encryption by service master key go, migrate the database using.