average gross profit margin by industry uk

M offers free income statement industry data.
A high Gross first response lcpdfr v091 Margin means that the company has low directly related expenses to their revenue.
Is there such a resource available?The data provides a breakdown of the income statement and the percent of sales that each line item represents.I have signed up my first restaurant client ( a small Indian restaurant in East London).The data is averages and only accounts for one year.The industry data may not be perfectly accurate for your business but it does provide a great foundation for building financial statements.The idea is to try as best as I can to guage the accuracy and completeness of the records, especially sales, by reference to trade specific average GP margins.Please contact us for a" on financial projections.The table below provides industry data for 47 generic industries.The breakdown includes totals for Gross Margin, Total Personnel, Total Expenses, and Net Profit.I am looking for a website etc where I can see typical gross profit margins earned in various trades(specifically in the restaurant trade).

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The industries are sorted with the highest Gross Margin first.
Thanks for any advice.
Gross Margin, Total Personnel, Total Expenses, and Net.The industry data may not be perfectly accurate for your.Can anyone tell me is such a list of common profit margins exists?You may find an industry which offers margins of 80 but you might not have.What s a pound or two to the average customer on a pot of thermal paste?).