avatar korra book 2 DiMartino, Michael Dante, Konietzko, Bryan (writers) Dos Santos, Joaquim, Ryu, Ki Hyun (directors).
The Legend of Korra.
The creators could not find a name that they agreed on that followed the tradition of the Water Tribe names, but when they were staying in an eco-lodge, the owner introduced them to his dog Cora.
On a quest to regain her abilities, she fought off the Triple Threat Triad and the residual Equalists, who had all been enlisted by Hundun, as well as hordes of dark spirits. Konietzko, Bryan (December 22, 2014).Shortly after the Unalaq Crisis, Korra temporarily lost her bending due to being attacked by chi blocking darts.For two years, Korra continued her training and recovery at the Southern Water Tribe.When the metalbender snapped that she had been merely trying to help her people in the absence of the Avatar, Korra understood that Kuvira had only been trying to create a place where she and her people would never have to feel vulnerable again and.She lifeguard certification las vegas 2013 used cd box labeler pro 1.9.9h key her waterbending abilities to procure herself a spot on the Fire Ferrets pro-bending team, referring to herself as a "top-notch waterbender".29 Korra had to reconnect with her deepest memories in order to find her Avatar Spirit.After her clash with Raiko reached its zenith and he banished her from the city, Korra and her allies set out to scour the Earth Kingdom in search of these new benders to offer them training and guidance.

Although never having used it herself before, she was able to freely restore a person's bending, as she did so with Lin Beifong's earthbending.
As such, she was able to release trapped souls from a vegetative pod after she had meditated into the Spirit World 54 and divert a beam powered by spirit energy in the physical world.
27 Korra is also a highly proficient unarmed fighter, able to knock out opponents with a single kick, simultaneously dodge an attack while sweep-kicking the enemy's legs, and once subdued a man using only Mako's pirates caribbean psp game scarf.
16 Due to her concentration on the physical side of bending, Korra was initially quite worried when she saw "the revelation" of Amon's true abilities during his demonstration, 15 a fear which expressed itself in Amon's words in the nightmare she had soon afterward, "Once.She gradually learned to do so under Asami's tutelage, though she still struggles between the clutch and the brake.Her dexterity and balance are also considerably high, allowing her to skillfully dodge a large barrage of projectiles nearly unscathed, further aiding her in battle.En route, Korra briefly stopped at a beachside village to purchase supplies.7.0.1 Dan Snierson (July 11, 2012).