auction hunters season 4 episode 14

15 November 2011 Autographed 1960s Bob Shaw Swing Gate tattoo machine; Terry Ives competition 22hp chainsaw; six foot chainsaw-carved cedar bear.
Episode 19 21m.
Nothing But Net Ton and Allen face their toughest challenge yet when two old rivals join forces.
Season 4, Episode 2, new York Bed and Breakfast Owners Go Tiny With Their Teenage Son.
Rob wants something modern with plenty of space for entertaining, while Anitra is on the hunt for a tiny home with cabin details and her own private space to write her music.Wreck-Shaw llen drags a starving Ton to a weekend auction and some newbie buyers try to eat up all the profit.They discover a pair of early 19th-century dueling pistols a vintage airboat fitted with a turbine engine!Season 1, Episode 2: The Big Score 9 November 2010, the business of storage unit auctions has emerged as a thriving trade for many, including Allen Haff Ton Jones.Episode 20 21m.Season 4, Episode 14: Separation Anxiety With Ton missing, Allen struggles to keep the pawn shop afloat while training Elle to work an auction.Don't miss hgtv in your favorite social media feeds.Will a home brewing system and high-end air rifles help soften the blow, or will they take a big loss?"Allen and Ton and the Mace of Spades".With a 75,000 budget, can she find a home that hits all the right notes?Will they be able to find a tiny home that has it all?But will they get conned?

Professional Auction Hunters squadra antimafia palermo oggi 3 episodio 10 Ton Jones and Allen Haff bring their quest for treasure to auctions across America and sell their incredible finds for big profits.
Season 1, Episode 3: Ton's Got a Gun 16 November 2010, the guys enter a high-stakes bidding war with Allen's old rivals.
Season 2 Season 2, Episode 1: Miami Heat ll-terrain Air Commander Hovercraft, a 1970s nasa countdown clock and a one-of-a-kind 1960s Delta Relay rocket.
Season 2, Episode 27: Early Bird Special Vintage Shooting Star carnival game; professional Mixed Martial Arts octagon fighting cage Season 3 Season 3, Episode 0: Auction Hunters: Live In an unprecedented live event, Ton and Allen attend an exclusive high-end auction and attempt to turn.She's searching for an airy cottage-style home around 400 square feet that has space for her extended family to sleep over and won't break her 110,000 budget.Despite what they say, not everything is bigger in Texas.The avg internet security 2012 vs 2013 guys land a custom drift car and a luxury antiques unit that could have a one-of-a-kind pilot pistol from WWI.Season 2, Episode 21: Night of the Digging Dead custom-built shark cage; 1900s pathologist's dissection toolkit; 1940s embalming pump and one of the first electric bone saws.Ton smelts jewelry to forge bricks of silver.Season 3, Episode 27: Hula Moola 12 September 2012 Ton and Allen jet to the Hawaiian islands where they're joined by a feisty new female assistant!