assault course game miniclip

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The only other limitation is that the level has to be finished within a certain time-limit.
All in all, Assault Course 2 is a fairly average game.But then you get the detonations that explode barrels of what seems to be C4 going off not two feet from the recruit.Cookies Policy, which includes details of how you can change your cookie settings.Well, for the most part, the obstacle course is standard boot-camp stuff.

You move around using the arrow keys and you jump using the "x" key.
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Supported Platforms: Windows and.
You need to install the, unity Web Player to play, free Running.
When crawling under some barbed wire for example, you're going to need to mash the left and right keys alternately to crawl through.Sure, he can climb up walls, jump from platform to platform, take 4 meter drops and come away unscathed; but if he stands too long in the mud or even falls from barely a third of a meter into the mud, he gets tired.The character model does leave a bit to be desired though, as his actions and animations at windows xp sp3 corporate student edition serial key times make him look a bit more like a wooden puppet than a soldier going through boot camp.Assault Course 2, Miniclip Games, Soldier Runnig Games, Army Games, Videos Games for Children Assault Course is back to make sure you are ready for.I hope you guys have been enjoying the random game spree and please consider leaving a like, favorite, or comment in the video.Assault Course 2 brings you to the down and dirty muck of boot camp without all the fuss of having drill sergeants shouting in your face all the time.Well, sure, it's loads of fun seeing it happen, but one would formula 50 cent pdf probably think twice before joining a real-world military that has similar obstacle courses.