arpeggio of blue steel episode 10

Both are modeled in appearance after the late Kotono Amaha, who was Gunz's undefeated rival during his academy times and according to some of his friends, his love interest.
03 "The Fortress Port of Yokosuka" "Yosai K Yokosuka" ( ) Konishi October 21, 2013 I-401 and her crew reach Yokosuka Base for repairs and resupply, and Gunz takes Iona for a visit to a Navy memorial for those that died in the war against.
Iona tries to reason with Kong with no success and when the battleship attempts to fire her Super Gravity Cannon underwater to sink her, Hyuga takes advantage of Kong's distraction to hack into her systems and have her lose control to buy enough time for.Although it fails to cause any significant damage, I-401 is able to circle around the two battleships undetected and launch a surprise attack using the now sunk Japanese battleship Mikasa as a decoy.Maya Maya ) Voiced by: mako Assigned to act under Haruna's command, she remains faithful to her even after she decides to oppose the Admiralty Code.Gunz and the others salvaged her Super Gravitational Cannon and installed it on I-401.

Yukikaze Yukikaze ) A destroyer that is a part of Yamato's personal guards.
Kirishima Kirishima ) Voiced by: Yumi Uchiyama A Fog battleship who joined Haruna's effort to sink the I-401 in Yokosuka.
The launch is a success when the human-crewed Fog submarine I-401 defeats the enemy at request of the government.
Both films were produced by the same staff of the anime series and released avi mpeg asf wmv splitter v3.22 in 2015.
I-401 manages to barely avoid the attack.Before the battle, Iona's sisters make contact with her asking for her true intentions but she claims it is too difficult to explain with words.Before disappearing, she creates the I-401's Mental Model Iona and passes her will to her in hopes of ending the war.Meanwhile, Takao and the others look for them but all communications and radar are jammed by spatial distortions from the last battle.Nevertheless, she cares for her companions' safety and assists with anything they need.Despite being able to combine with Haruna to form an even stronger vessel, both were defeated by I-401, with only her core surviving her destruction.In the present, Gunz is approached by Ryjir Kamikage, the Assistant Secretary of Military Affairs, who reveals that the shuttle was destroyed before accomplishing its task; deliver the plans of a new weapon developed to fight the ships of the Fog to the United States.Mitsumine The Prime Minister of Central Japan.In the Cadenza film, she was reunited with Musashi after her defeat and accepted her, thanking Iona.