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The helicopter is badly damaged by the nuclear explosion and crashes.
Marine helicopter squadron hmla-312 pilots his attack helicopter stealthily behind ChDKZ lines as.S.
40 Another reviewer noted that the game managed to show the "job of a real soldier today: contact with the population something that is lacking in other similar games 41 The developers have since released several patches addressing common bugs.
Project Reality Mod Support forum.Forces are quickly withdrawn from the country.Due to the fact that the previous game in the series was named Armed Assault, arma 2 is often referred to as Armed Assault 2, albeit in error.Retrieved b Fahey, washington manual of surgery 6th edition pdf Mike.42 The game was also awarded by PC Gamer as Most PC Game of the year.Retrieved "Arma 2 guide".When he encounters a living CDF soldier, the supposedly friendly soldier shoots at him, forcing Winters to kill him.9 During Razor Team's raid on Pusta, the team rescues a couple of torture victims, and subsequently uncovers a mass grave, revealing that the ChDKZ have been conducting acts of genocide and are guilty of war crimes in South Zagoria.South Zagoria suffered for a year under harsh ChDKZ rule.After the raid on Pusta, Razor Team is tasked with helping to unite the Chernarussian military (CDF) with National Party (napa) guerillas, who are led by a man named Prizrak.Withdrawal remained denied by the.S.

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In PC Gamer s leaderboard of top 100 greatest PC games of all time ArmA received 22nd place.
The game has been praised for its realism, graphics, and the sheer scale of the game.
Hidden ending: A hidden ending occurs early on in the campaign; Razor Team raids a warehouse, capturing Lopotev and several of his associates.
However, Chernarussian forces eventually recaptured the province in 2011, in a bloody and violent epilogue to the Chernarussian civil war.
Arma 2 's single-player campaign takes place in late 2009, in the province of South Zagoria in the north-eastern region of the fictional post-Soviet state of Chernarus, as well as the remote Chernarussian island of Útes.This caused the remaining Chernarussian military forces in the area to retreat towards the inland town of Zelenogorsk.Chernarussian forces suffered a terrible defeat during the civil war and were pushed back into the southwest, out of South Zagoria.If another team member draws the shortest match, the team leader will lament the result, but accept.British TV network ITV broadcast footage taken from the game in a documentary aired on 26 September 2011, entitled Exposure: Gaddafi and the IRA, mistaking it for footage taken of an IRA attack in 1988.Citation needed The precise location used is the remote area between Dín and Ústí nad Labem.Navy hospital corpsman ; he serves as Razor Team's battlefield medic.Arma: Armed Assault aRMA: Combat Operations in North America and the predecessor.AI squad members which adds a real-time strategy element to the game.