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It was odd to think about Harris as anything other than the buttoned-up and endlessly capable man Id come to know.
There are justtoo many variables.
There was that in spades, of course.
Just walk up, knock on the door, and ask for him back?
Wine etiquette is for when youre in public.Silence descended, and stayed for a long time.I was still a hundred dollars short on rent.I graduated, and spent six months justliterally fucking around.Why the hell would I mail you a check?I did need the money, desperately.

I sat in the chair beside rrb non technical books Harris and watched the stars prick and poke the blackness with points of silver, multiplying from thousands to millions to quintillions to an innumerable multitude.
Harris did a shrug-and-nod thing.
Im strong, and Im independent.
Don was incorrect, and I do apologize for the misunderstanding.
I wish I had something comforting to say to you, but I just dont.I turned, letting him hold on to my wrist.He was over six feet tall, but just barely, and was slender in a whipcord, razor-blade sort of way.Im not sure I like the sound of that.But then I got into an off-base brawl with a couple of Rangers and got my ass handed.It was just a brief, stormy spat and then done, but it was what I needed to be able to process everything I felt.What the hell was I supposed to do?