ajaxcontroltoolkit.dll for visual studio 2008

In Windows Explorer, right-click the zip file and choose Extract All to extract the contents to an AjaxControlToolkit folder in the same directory. .
They have managed to handle virtually everything for us, from start to finish.
We moved our web sites to Server Intellect and have found them to be incredibly professional.Please see release page for bug information.) Setting up the environment to use the Toolkit: Download the AjaxControlToolkit.After confirming this dialog, the T ajax.0 controls will appear in your toolbox. .In a previous post, I described the steps you can take to upgrade your existing T ajax.0-based Web sites to use the new ajax functionality.NET Framework.5. .In this tutorial, you will learn how to install the toolkit for use in Visual T 2008.Their setup is very easy and we were up and running in no time.In Visual Studio 2008, Open a Web Form (.aspx page) in your project. .

Additionally, there are many great new features of Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 that you can use to develop your ajax.0 application (see the links at the top of this post although there are few caveats about developing ajax.0 applications in Visual Studio.
You can instead add a regular Web Form or Master Page template, and add the asp:ScriptManager control from the toolbox.
Create a folder entitled Backup at this location.
This Toolkit is constantly being updated and consists mainly of ajax Extenders for T Controls.Conclusion You can now continue building and maintaining your.NET Framework.0 ajax.0 Web application in Visual Studio 2008. .Once downloaded, extract to a folder on your computer and start Visual Studio.Built using VS aliens vs predator 3 multiplayer demo 2005) that you want to continue maintaining in Visual Studio 2008, follow these steps:. .Click OK to add these controls to the toolbox.Web.Extensions folder from the ajax.0 installation directory (typically under Program FilesMicrosoft.0 ajax and then add an explicit script reference to the.0 MicrosoftAjax.This tutorial will guide you through installing Microsofts ajax Control Toolkit in Visual T 2008.Follow the steps of the Visual Studio Conversion wizard to convert the project file to the VS 2008 format.