aircrack ng for linux

Personaly this tuto aimed a 128 bytes key (livebox) so I dont send it with 64, But since I have approximately 700k ivs, I can start to launch aircrack while the capture of packets is still going on with airodump.
Copy cd / svn co rcrack-ng.
Open a new shell and launch aircrack.
This program works under windows and linux, but some of the functionality are not available under windows (packet injection for example) That is why we net framework 3.5 for win 8 offline installer will use a linux bootable cd OS: Whax, this distribution is specialized in intrusion tests.Some drivers don't report it Packets Number of data frames received Probes Network names (essids) this client has probed Lower data show the available client If you change your MAC address and connected to the Access Point, you can detect easily which AP you are.It is possible that if you dont capt the signal (if the power is low ) that the authentication is successful and the association is not immediate.To copy something simply select with the mouse and right click copy.As soon as we start getting IVs airodump tells us what type of crypting it is : WEP WPA or OPN.

You need to change the first parameter by -3 that corresponds to an attack by packet injection.
P - This is a 64 bit WEP key file suitable for the PTW method.
Some drivers don't report it Beacons Number of beacon frames received.3.2 Packet Injection : In detail aireplay attack -3 Once the association is good, we relaunch aireplay changing some of the parameters.3 Aireplay : In detail in the aireplay manual Just like airodump, aireplay is part of aircrack.1 Fake authentication See the FAQ aireplay -1 To launch aireplay open another console in the same screen with the help of the little icon on top left.Firt option, install iw from Ubuntu repository through Synaptic.All the parameters of the configuration appear when typing: «iwconfig ath0» Go in managed mode: «iwconfig ath0 mode managed» Configur the wep key : «iwconfig ath0 key xx :xx :xx :xx :xx :xx» You can easily combine parameters : «iwconfig ath0 mode managed key xx :xx :xx :xx :xx :xx».3 Chang your mac adress:.3.1 Under.For better performances in the capture of packets, we re lunch airodump chosing only the canal where the AP is (here is 10) «airodump ath0 out 10» To stop the capture and enter commands do Ctrl C You are also obligated to stop the capture.