aeroplane fighting games for pc

Muckraker Posts: winzip cracked full version 334 Joined: I remember a PS1 game I had many many years ago, and I'm not sure what happened.
Probably 1.
It was set in Ancient Greece, though the story I haven't got any clue.
Near Impossible scending On Small Platform While Dodging Enemies Any Ideas Would Help Greatly Thanks, Cole Anonymous Source Posts: 1 Joined: I cannot remember the name of an old DOS game.
The game featured some sort of male adventurer, who had to make his way from the left side of the screen to the right (or vice versa all the while avoiding large monsters that games wants to be a millionaire indonesia patrol up and down the length of the screen.I remeber it quiet well.Planes: Fire Rescue November 4, 2014 Wii DS Planes: Fire amp; Rescue is based on the Cars spin-off's sequel of the same name.My one is a PC game It was a car game of sorts driving around and arena leaving a coloured trail behind you and you killed other players by getting them to drive into the trail you leave behind.I can remember having to kick vending machines for health/power ups.

Mountain July 1, 2014 MAC PC A 'mountain simulator' from David OReilly.
It was Bahumat Lagoon.
On the beginning there was some video with a man who was creating something like Frankenstein.
Anonymous Source Posts: 2 Joined: i I need to find out about a PS1 game I cant remember from around ish.
The game i'm trying to remember (main reason why is so don't play it again)is a dungeon crawler for Sega genesis, only thing i remember about it was i was trying to pick the lock on a door and my brother dared me to use.Anonymous Source Posts: 1 Joined: This one is killing.This one level i think from the game was you were in this area, looked like a forest preserve and the robots were cutting down the trees and you had to stop them.This is what i can remember, it was a jigsaw puzzle game it was very bright colored the puzzles were of dogs swimming and playing cards and weird things like just off the wall what is going on kinda stuff.All I can still remember is that the game was quite colourful and the islands were coming out of the water and they kept sinking and coming back.Ultrawings, simulation, Adventure, Open World, VR 5,99, squadron: Sky Guardians, action, Indie, Simulation, Arcade 16,99, air Missions: hind.The game is highly reminiscent of Hugo's House of Horrors (same type-command gameplay which was also on that computer.If you guys can name any of these that'd be great.Premium Member Posts: 2546 Joined: if anyone can some how help me then thanks you.