aces of the pacific dosbox

Hexplore (1998) Crashes after a minute on fast P4 and above P3 500?
See 3rd post here, and this launcher.
The Incredible Machine, little Big Adventure (aka, relentless sensible World Of Soccer 96-97, the Settlers.Unreal Tournament (1999) CPU throttling, erratic speed-up/slow-down?Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament (1996)??Space Quest V: Roger Wilco - The Next Mutation (1993) unable to initialize audio hardware 486 25 (SB 486 16 (GM) Reduce clock speed or disable cache with Setmul Star Control (1990) FM sound malfunction P150 Star Control II (1992)??Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge (1992) Crashes with invalid opcode error P2 350 MegaRace (1993) Speed powerups make your car speed up way too fast P100?

Aces of the Pacific (1992 slippery flight controls 486 25, reduce clock speed or disable cache with.
If you like flight simulations, you really shouldn't miss this pioneer.
Alone in the Dark (1992 animations too fast 386DX.Unreal (1998) erratic speed-up/slow-down?Some CPUs, for example AMD K6-2 and earlier Pentium IIs have selectable multipliers, which may help with achieving the lower speeds recommended for some of the games in this article.Fix for Modern Systems Imperialism (1997) net time server and client serial World map scrolls too fast plays fine with patch Patch.1 (slight scrolling delay added) Interstate '76 (1997) Broken physics??Fifa Football 2002 (2001) Crashes to desktop.0 Gex: Enter the Gecko (1998) Lack of framerate limiter may cause the game to play too fast in certain situations?For example, you can choose to dogfight a famous ace from any of the three air forces in the game, and you can mix and match planes.When this game came out in 1993, the level of detail was excellent.Works on Windows XP with dosbox.61 or above and Windows 95 in DOS Mode (but very difficult to get working without a boot disk).Also read here and here.