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However, if a user changes it, it is only changed in the local copy of that property.
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Smart Tag Support in Access Projects Access projects only support the SmartTags property for forms and data access pages.Form controls Label Text Box Combo Box List Box Data Page controls Label Bound Span Text Box Scrolling Text Dropdown List List Box Hyperlink Smart Tag Support in Linked Tables For linked tables, the SmartTags property is editable.This contextual linking provides a great potential for productivity improvement.To avoid receiving an isos for dolphin emulator error, the control containing the smart tag must have the focus, making it the active control.The new extended property in SQL Server is named MS_SmartTags.What if something is wrong?The access key for users comes from the Good Dynamics Good Control console.

However, rest your mouse cursor over the BirthDate field.
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Converting From Earlier Versions of Access Whether the SmartTags property is preserved for tables, queries, and dependent objects depends on the version of Access database.
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Would purchase from them again!In the following sections, we will explore and demonstrate in detail this new addition for Access.Show Smart Tags on Forms option Figure.Copy lue Programmatically Executing Smart Tag Actions and Other Tasks Besides setting the SmartTags property programmatically, you can also add a smart tag, delete a smart tag, execute a smart tag action, and other tasks by using the SmartTags collection object.Show Smart Tags on Datasheets option Now that you have seen how to work with smart tags through the user interface, let's look at what you can do programmatically.One key only works on ONE computer.Click Forms under Objects, and then double-click the Employees form.