1984 vw rabbit convertible top

Loosen the nut fully.
Imggimg Where the cable goes from the outer top to the inside you have to fold up the material so that it passes the relief cut the cable will bisect the cut and the top will lay flat.
To repair the "B" pillar if cut, I use Permatex ultra to seal the beading to the door frame, and hold it in place with maksing tape.
Grab the side cables out of your bag and insert the chain over the front stud.Take your grease and from the rear bead lay it on the top about a inch from the bead to the bead.8 foot 1/16 stainless or galvanized Steel cable Coated cable is fine but you will be stripping off the covering to use the ferrules and have to be aware of that in measuring.With the top closed Remove the 2 corner plastic pieces and screws place in the Bag Using a Razor Knife cut the top off from the rear quarter glass seal cut the vinyl only.The length of these cables are "Loop to Loop" 40".Fold the top down, we are going to work the front edge.Across the top and that you can pull the top to the left or right. If the headliner and/or insulation layer are in poor shape, it's best to replace these when the outer shell is being replaced as they cannot be replaced without removing the outer shell. You can buy the top, in it's entirety (most vendors have package deals) or one dragon zakura episode 11 part of it, on your own and install it yourself or take the car and top to an upholstery/top shop for them to do the work.I knocked all the rust off and cleaned the hole to bare metal I protected the paint with Saran wrap, clings like anything.

OEM Lift-O-Mat part number: A Sachs-Stabilus-Boge replacement part number: SG401018 As of September 2007, the following places carry the aftermarket replacement strut: Rock Auto, Auto Parts Warehouse and through special order at your local Pep Boys.
Electron Top (in- house eZ Softtops (Vinyl: Haartz) m, j Bugs (Vinyl:?; Canvas: Haartz the Johnson Company (Vinyl: Robbins).
Spring is at the rear.The older Style attaches at the padding Bar.Cut the Vinyl tube about even with the nail Take the Brass Chain and cut off 2 links, then on the flat link insert a centering punch and using wood Hammer that punch into the chain to expand the hole.Remove the rear side window glass upright seal by inserting a flat blade screw driver between the seal and the seal tray.Major re-write 7/7/2016, how to install your Headliner click here.If you do a test drive and there is more noise than ever at speed metabones speed booster sony a7 you may need to adjust the J-hooks tighter.Take the flap out from under the edge, and spray Hi-Tack on the metal frame and the vinyl allow to dry.Make sure that the Vinyl cladding can more freely in the trough if not, then widen it a bit.